Battle cat seed tracking Evolves into Medalist Cat at level 10. Tell me if you need help in the comments I’ll gladly help you The Battle Cats 2012 Browse game Gaming. There could have several possible reasons:. And that also answers your next question. Go to godfat website, input the result in the correct banner. godf. e. Notice there are 2 seeds associated with each cat. You mean the B track? Essentially there are a few ways to switch tracks, either being slotted to roll the same rare cat for the second time in a row, or doing an 11 draw guarantee. They haven't appeared yet, so it's safe to assume that they've been killed off by COVID. This makes the gatya reset. I’m not trying criticise anybody for it, after all it’s just a mobile game, but it’s bothering me that some of my friends are flexing their Ubers and legend rares when they are seed tracking. . Mitaman't · 11/1/2020. Seed Tracking. Advertisement Coins. cats Get information about cats and search through the cat list. org/seek?event=2020-10-12_537. However, you can go above 999 rare tickets. . Uberfest and Epicfest both feature the same set of non-exclusive Ubers. . . There would also be a track switch at the end. Deetusy3letus · 9/21/2020. . Preferably I would like to use the wifi method so I don't have to force myself to use up all the cat. And for those who don't know, seed tracking is a way to predict your future gacha. . . There are two banners for platinum tickets, one that has started March 2023 and another one that has started today, May 12th 2023. It used to be random but people would use an offline reset exploit in order to get good units. . Okay, sometimes the seed tracking service does things wrong, but next time, when you don't get what you want, do this: Leave the game and get rid of the tab. - gold cat 5. . The Battle Cats Wiki 6,375 pages Explore Cat Units Enemy Units Stages Community ALL POSTS This post is locked. . This is because to the seeds used to calculate the cats in track B overlap with the seeds in 1A and 2A. AAfrags · 11/23/2020. - witch cat 3. Watthehutt · 10/2/2020. . . Try to do it again but remove Jurassic. Mizli / Rabbit Satoru / Shiro Amakusa (COMMENT) Vote. Axe cat out. 1 more reply. . then, click seek. . . At 55 a its says this. .
Di. Also yes 'second one' was the rare that shifts Tracks. Basically, click on either the second or third link. Yes it is. It starts from the first draw you did. ChikinBoat · 10/1/2021 in General. 378. Philadelphia 76ers Premier League UFC. Epicunco · 11/16/2021 in General. . Excluded 11 because 11-draw exists. Just remember where your last roll is (or update your seed) then switch events. Seed tracking is basically just tells you what cats that you will get in your rolls. • 1 mo. @KyoDemonGod - The seed system works as you move down a rectangular square, you get the cat inside of that square. com/playlist?list=PLu_Jc10gF_fC5FQcsJKif6GdlKXg93QTo. Go on battle cats and roll 11then go on godfat and put 10 of the cats you got in order then wait for you're seed it says what cats you will get if you're on A1 then it might say rocker cat that is what you will get scroll up I and another redditor say what you need to know also if you don't understand on godfat all the way down you can see all. org/ Seed tracking. . 0. cgCc-" referrerpolicy="origin" target="_blank">See full list on pocketgamingworld. So a Guaranteed would keep me at track A. A8 and A9 are the same units. . If you dont do any singular draws, youd get tecoluga. Yeah but I thought doing a guaranteed always switched the track to the other side. As a former tracker, I say seed tracking Is omega gay. Respect everyone's privacy. With seed 4155539955 you can roll 5 rare tickets and get 2 poor ubers, good for np. 19. Whenever I try and track it, it says this: "Unfortunately we didn't successfully find your seed. The one tt is gonna change is the 2nd tin cat and next roll is 5B which is gaia. . Currently the most active Battle Cats community server. • 4 days ago.

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